Born and raised in beautiful North Vancouver, BC my life revolved around mountains. Mountains helped guide me home, they were an escape on the weekends, and they were the first thing I would see when returning from a trip away.

Growing up as a downhill skier made me appreciate the reciprocity of the mountains – you only get out as much as you put in, and they can strike out with a vengeance should you forget to pay them the respect the deserve. My journey as a trail runner began in Costa Rica in 2015 when I first experienced the joy of solitude and the many challenges that come with immersing yourself in the jungle for hours on end. Struggling with dehydration, slick humidity and ever-present bugs I conquered them all by simply putting one foot in front of the other. Perhaps despite this experience I was hooked.

The journey from 5K to ultra-marathon distance started slow, and then quickly grew as I found my passion in the trails. Since then, I have found solace in the long run and energy in the short, I have learned to find strength when on the edge and softness when speaking to myself. I have learned when to push boundaries and when to respect borders, and how to look up to others while respecting my own process. These are just some of the many lessons the trails have taught me.

You are not likely to find me on a podium, nor will you see me set any new speed records. At least not now.

You will find me toeing the start line of as many races – both local and abroad- that I can find, and running through the trails with my trail puppy Micki by my side.

This blog is my experience, my adventures, my fuel, and just part of the reason why I was Saved by the Trail.