A New Way Forward

My journey as a trail runner started in 2015 when I went abroad to Costa Rica with Run Like a Girl. I was not a runner at that point in my life, but the passion the leaders had for the sport had me inspired. I immediately signed up for my first 10K when I returned home, and the rest is history! 

Over the years, I completed some very big races, and the “why” for me started to get lost. 

When I began to dig deeper into my real “why”, I began to understand that running is about more than me, and I began searching for a way to make my racing bigger than myself. 

Running for me is about empowerment, joy, and freedom – three things that many take for granted. Training for ultra-marathons takes passion, dedication, and determination – there are days when you feel like you can’t possibly take one step more, and then, beyond all reason, you keep going. By training your body and mind to overcome obstacles you are giving yourself the opportunity to glimpse the “real” you, and are given the tools to overcome adversity – regardless of the form it takes.

I, like many others, have found this sport as a way to heal from past traumas, and I find myself extremely fortunate that I have found a healthy way to heal. Now that I have found my path, I want to use my passion for running to give back to those that need it most. It is with this spirit in mind that I have decided to race the Run for the Shore 100K in support of the North Shore Women’s Centre.

This race has been brought to life by the combined efforts of Saved by the Trail (me), Run Like a Girl, and RunGo App. With three distances, the race offers all runners an opportunity to push their limits – regardless of what level they are at. All proceeds from this race, and the custom swag, will go towards the North Shore Women’s Centre. Additionally, up to $5,000 in proceeds will be matched by Jindra and Laurent Vallieres – resulting in an even bigger impact!

For all the struggle I may go through in this race, it is nothing compared to what many women, youth, and children go through every day. By raising money for the North Shore Women’s Centre, it is my hope that I can contribute towards building a generation of women that feel secure in their bodies, empowered by their choices, and safe in their neighbourhoods.

To Donate directly to the NSWC, Click HERE.

To Register for the Run for the Shore Virtual Race, click HERE.

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One thought on “A New Way Forward

  1. Love this! Rlag was my real intro to virtual races and I love the causes they support. I’ve registered for the 50k (my first!) and just thrilled that it is in support of the north shore women’s shelter ❤️ I hope this is an annual event and I can do the 100k one year 🙌


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